Hjem Nasjonal kamp Aktivisme – For Europas forsvar og overlevelse!

– For Europas forsvar og overlevelse!

MOTSTANDSBEVEGELSEN Pär Sjögren mante til offervilje og enighet. Les talen fra Lukovmarsjen i Bulgarias hovedstad Sofia.

Lørdag 16. februar var en delegasjon fra Den nordiske motstandsbevegelsen i Bulgarias hovedstad Sofia – les mer om general Hristo Lukov og marsjen i den tidligere publisert rapporten Bildespesial: Lukovmarsj i Bulgaria – tross forbud. Minnemarsjens destinasjon var huset hvor Lukov ble drept i 1943.

Pär Sjögren taler ved general Hristo Lukovs hjem.
Pär Sjögren taler ved general Hristo Lukovs hjem.

Pär Sjögren, som er sjef for svenske Rede 5, holdt en tale på engelsk. Den ble oversatt til bulgarsk og ble godt mottatt av bulgarske og europeiske kamerater.

Comrades and friends!

Since the history of mankind begun, two kinds of people have lived under the ruling classes.

Some men live by the principle of subjecting themselves to their rulers’ wishes and desires. Doing so makes life easy in the short term. They get small benefits – the loyal ones get promoted with the task to oppress their own people.

These cowardly people shape their opinions like a color-changing chameleon. In one occasion they can embrace a communistic state doctrine – such as any system the Eastern European states previously have had – later the same people transform into proud democrats and capitalists, claiming that they always were opponents of the system.

Simple liars!

The modern democracy in Europe is deceitful and fake. Real opposition against our common threats is being oppressed in various ways.

People are sent to prison for thought crime. Nationalistic organizations are being banned. Demonstrations such as the Lukov March are being banned as well. The cowardly democratic political establishment – traitors of Bulgaria – are obeying their evil masters.

Comrades who now are present at this Lukov March, you are the other kind of people. You are the idealists, the fighters, the spiritual carriers of the rebellion.

We hereby stand together for truth and justice, for Europe’s defense and survival. We fight for a higher purpose and we do not get promoted, rather the opposite.

I assume that we all despise the idea of making personal careers when that means that we have to sell our souls to the traitors of Europe. We see value in deeds of honor. We feel proud to be of European descent.

Still there is hope, despite the traitors’ oppression, massive immigration, falsification and hidden history such as the murder of general Hristo Lukov.

I am proud to honor the hero general, to come to Bulgaria and to meet our comrades from here and other European countries.

Blago Daria Drugari! [Norsk: Takk kamerater!]

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