Hjem Nasjonal kamp Media Nordic Frontier #04

Nordic Frontier #04

RADIO This week fellow Nordic Resistance member Johan Svensson comes on and shares some of his life experience with us. In the second hour we continue dissecting the party program, this time, point number two.


In the first segment we are joined by fellow party member Johan Svensson, who treats us to an interesting conversation about his journey from growing up in rural Sweden, seeing his country change and eventually heading out to pursue a career as an engineer in the US.

In the second segment Andreas and Mike, joined by Johan dig deeper into the party program. This time we talk about point number two, the global Zionists, the bankers and how the Nordic Resistance Movement will deal with all of it.

Read along with us: Party Program.

Topics discussed:
  • Growing up in Sweden and seeing everything change
  • Living and working in America
  • Raw capitalism versus Globalism
  • Home schooling
  • The global Zionist elite
  • The house of Rothschild
  • Sweden’s central bank system
  • Great leaders being toppled due to economic miracles
Music in the show:
  • Gunship – Tech Noir
  • Gunship – The Mountain

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