Hjem Nasjonal kamp Media Nordic Frontier #06: The Creation of the Nordic nation

Nordic Frontier #06: The Creation of the Nordic nation


RADIO This week Andreas, Mike and Johan dig into point number three of the party program which envisions the creation of the Nordic nation.

In the first hour the hosts Andreas Johanson and Mikael Karlsson, accompanied by Johan Svensson, discuss the different demonstrations the Nordic Resistance Movement has been involved with in the year just gone past. They then move on to some domestic news and events related to the movement. Andreas finishes the hour off with another disturbing Black Pill.

In the second hour point number three of the political party program is read and the hosts discuss the creation of the Nordic nation, the leaving of the EU and the abolishment of fractional-reserve banking.

Topics discussed:

  • Demonstrations done by the Nordic Resistance Movement
  • Domestic news and events regarding the movement
  • A disturbing story of the rape of a Swedish boy
  • Leaving the EU
  • Forming the Nordic Nation
  • Create a self-sufficient society
  • Ending the debt-based slavery
  • Some brief prepping points

Music from the show:

«Virelai» – Sidsel Videlvand

«Tonebox» – System Error

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Listen to the podast:

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