Hjem Nasjonal kamp Media Nordic Frontier #07

Nordic Frontier #07

RADIO In this week’s episode of Nordic Frontier Andreas, Mike and Johan discuss the Trump/Sweden incident. They also read and discuss point number four of the party program.

In the first segment of this week’s episode the hosts Andreas Johanson and Mikael Karlsson, accompanied by Johan Svensson, dive into some global news, seeing as master meme-troll Donald Trump had everyone’s eyes on Sweden, we felt the need to address it. Following that they briefly comment on the destruction of Paris, where hordes of non-white invaders are at war with the French riot police.

In the second segment point number four of the political party program is read, interspersed with commentary and discussions by the panelists. Point number four details what the political infrastructure will look like and how it would work in the free and united North.

Andreas finishes off with an ode to hatred.

Topics discussed:

  • The rise of nationalism
  • Trump, the archetype of meme magic
  • Paris in flames
  • A father’s message about the rape of his daughter
  • The true meaning of democracy
  • How the Nordic Nation will be managed
  • Authoritarian vs. Totalitarian rule
  • Freedom of speech
  • An ode to hatred
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