Hjem Nasjonal kamp Media Nordic Frontier #10

Nordic Frontier #10

NORDIC FRONTIER In this week’s episode of Nordic Frontier Andreas, Mike and Johan discuss domestic news and celebrate the release of the notorious activist, Martin Saxlind. In the second segment the New Green Party is presented.

In the first segment of this week’s episode the hosts Andreas Johanson and Mikael Karlsson, accompanied by Johan Svensson start off by addressing some comments made on Nordfront about the show, comments that lead to some interesting conversation. They continue on with some domestic news, things happening in the Nordic Nation including a wrap up of the Tim Pool Adventure. They then move into happenings regarding the movement, the release of political prisoner Martin Saxlind and the harassment of the Norwegian brothers and sisters by the state apparatus.

In the second segment point number 6 is discussed. This point entails our environmental policies and the organization’s desire to take back the power from the fake Green Party.

Andreas rounds the episode up by inviting everyone to march for the peoplehood of the Nordic Nation on the #FirstOfMay in Falun, Sweden

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Topics discussed:
  • The balance between Not insulting your intelligence and Creating food for thought.
  • Pathological Altruism or what?
  • Margot Wallström receiving Hungarian blow back.
  • Rinkeby, the future of all Swedish suburbs?
  • The Norwegian state media giving our movement the biggest PR-campaign that we could possibly have wished for.
  • The Jewish media twisting morality.
  • The New Green Party.
  • Nordic Forests.
  • Berry Picking Problem.
Music on the show: