Hjem Nasjonal kamp Media Nordic Frontier #11

Nordic Frontier #11

RADIO In this week’s episode of the Nordic Frontier the hosts discuss what it takes to be an activist in the Nordic Resistance Movement. They also discuss news and recent activities regarding the Movement.

In the first segment of this week’s episode the hosts Andreas Johanson and Mikael Karlsson, accompanied by Johan Svensson, start off by discussing the phenomenon of child marriage in the North, followed by the treacherous outbreaks of the Swedish Democracy Minister Alice Bah Kuhnke, the Jewish owned Daily News’ attacks on Sweden’s alternative media and a recent video uploaded about Rinkeby. How it went from a Swedish suburb created in the purpose of staving of Swedish homelessness, to multicultural a hell hole.

They then move into the latest activities of the Movement and discuss a scuffle that erupted between the police and the The Resistance Movement, and finish the first segment with another gut wrenching Black Pill.

In the second segment the Activist Handbook of the Nordic Resistance Movement is discussed. Starting with a reading of a paragraph dealing with the mentality of the activist, the Culture versus Anti-Culture which leads into a discussion.

Topics discussed:

  • The Second Hand Business
  • Child Brides, a symptom of Multiculturalism
  • Democracy Minister Alice Bah Khunke
  • Jewish media’s attacks against Swedish alternative Media
  • Rinkeby and the »Million programme»
  • A girl that tested the Exotic Cuisine
  • Checking you consumption
  • The Activist test
  • The Rules of the activist

Music on the Show:
Orax – «Missing»
Murdoch Murdoch – «The Greatest Generation»

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