Hjem Nasjonal kamp Media Nordic Frontier #31

Nordic Frontier #31

NORDIC FRONTIER This week we are joined by Matthew Heimbach of the TWP to discuss the happenings following the Charlottesville rally.

We welcome Matthew Heimbach of the Traditionalist Worker Party back on the show to talk about his experience during the Charlottesville rally and the aftermath that followed. We also touch upon how the internet shut down has affected the TWP and are also having a sneak-peak into their 25 point party platform that they have chiseled out.

We are also running a »Degenerate hits from the late nineties Sweden» music theme.

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Topics Discussed:
  • PayPal shut down
  • Current condition of Sweden summarized
  • All pro-white platforms being taken down by the people of the Echo
  • Gamers not able to hide from what is coming
  • Matt’s account of the Charlottesville rally
  • The role of police within the state
  • The Aftermath following the rally
  • Sneak-peak into the 25 point party platform of the TWP
  • The North American ethno state

Party Program for the TWP: Final Version TWP 25 Points