Hjem Nasjonal kamp Media Nordic Frontier #37: The Siege of Gothenburg

Nordic Frontier #37: The Siege of Gothenburg

NORDIC FRONTIER #NordicThursday turned into #NordicSaturday and the hosts of your favourite podcast discuss the Siege of Gothenburg.

This week we run a summary of the demonstration, we dicuss the ins and outs of the police’s conduct before, during and after the march. We also answer some questions that came into our mailbox.

Mike was guest on a podcast called Fascism Now! with Eric Striker of the Daily Stomer. Click on the show name, to listen to the episode.

Summary of the march:
  • About 650-700 participated despite the pressure from police, media and politicians.
  • They wanted us to march 600 meters and only gather for 3 hours, we marched for about 5 kilometers and gathered for about 5 hours.
  • Our livestream from the event has been viewed by 220 000 people.
  • Nordfront.se had 100 000 unique visitors during the day.
  • Antifa are becoming more and more irrelevant.
  • The police have broken the social contract by restricting freedom of speech and of expression and effectively removed our right to assemble, so we won’t be applying for permission to walk the streets again and time will tell what the future holds in store for us.

The official video from the march:

The LIVE-streams:

Fredrik Vejdeland’s speech:


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