Hjem Nasjonal kamp Media Nordic Frontier #39: Globalist Burger Alienation

Nordic Frontier #39: Globalist Burger Alienation

NORDIC FRONTIER This week we deliver a Whopper® of a show. Antics in the Nordic Nation and some more nails banged into the coffin of the Sweden Democrats.

It is #NordicThursday once again and Nordic Frontier is here to deliver!

This week we start out with talking about the Whole 30 Diet once again, Andreas is now on day 11 of the 30 and is feeling high energy. In the comments from last week we had a question regarding dairy products and we talk about the ill effects you could be suffering from without knowing it. We also talk about how skipping gluten products for just two weeks can change your life.

After that we head into donations and explain a little bit about TransferWise.com. How it works and how it makes donating to the show a whole lot easier than before.

Instruction page on how to donate!

Twitter conversation.

Domestic News:

Former Social democratic leader says: »Sweden is gone.»

New education for the newly arrived.

Gangsta Nibbas hijacked store and ran it for a whole day.

Racially estranged comedian claims school PE is insane.

  • Nordic nudity vs. Semitic nudity

Afghan leader caught in a rape scandal.

The Bieler-Plan.

Black pill:

Mike’s story of dystopian globalist burger alienation.

Resistance news:

Sad coppers cry about the siege of Gothenburg.

The Tyr rune deemed not illegal.

A gathering of jewish names up to no good.

NRM return to the Rättvik market.

  • Using children as political tools: NS vs. PRIDE

Some Demo talk.


Sam Hyde – Go to Hell

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