Hjem Nasjonal kamp Media Nordic Frontier #40: #MeToo and the demonstration in Finland

Nordic Frontier #40: #MeToo and the demonstration in Finland

NORDIC FRONTIER This week we discuss the #MeToo phenomenon and the recent demo in Finland.

ATTENTION: Unfortunately this episode is plagued with a slight volume issue due to us recording it through a different platform. But the good news is that the sound quality is better than ever, so next episode should be perfect.

We start out by discussing recent developments regarding our economic situation. Our bank accounts have been closed and the assets have been frozen, so from now on we’re going all in on the HATREON. Visit the link and become a regular donor if you like what you are hearing.

After that we answer a letter that came in last week, asking if we could elaborate on the connection between Expo and Researchgruppen.

Andreas and Mike also appeared on the »Salting the earth» podcast with Caerulus Rex and Vendetta last weekend. Check it out here!

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