Hjem Nasjonal kamp Media Nordic Frontier #42: Celebrating 20 years with Simon Lindberg

Nordic Frontier #42: Celebrating 20 years with Simon Lindberg

NORDIC FRONTIER This week we are celebrating 20 years of radical National Socialist struggle with our leader Simon Lindberg and it’s okay to be white.

Hail Comrades, this week week we start out by welcoming more passengers onto the #HateTrain before continuing with talking about how it’s okay to be white. After that we get into some points left open from last week such as the Moderates desire to swarm the ghettoes with military and how it’s illegal to use the word Negroe in the modern world.

In the second hour we are joined by the leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement, Simon Lindberg. We have a great conversation about the 20-year celebration, a truly remarkable milestone.

Domestic News:

The moderates revisited:

Called Uckabackabir a negro, convicted for hate speech.

Almost a million Swedes bought anti-depressants last year.

Resistance news:

Simon Lindberg Joins us to talk about the celebration.

NRM 20 years.

Member counters AntiFa’s attempt at character assassination.

15 year-old national socialist taken by the social services.

Black pill:

Female police officer cries out in despair.


Einar Selvik – Helvegen

Undervatten – Tempest Way