Hjem Nasjonal kamp Media Nordic Frontier #43: Crushing Social Democracy with Nat Danelaw

Nordic Frontier #43: Crushing Social Democracy with Nat Danelaw

NORDIC FRONTIER Nat Danelaw joins our #HateBoys to strike crushing blows at social democracy.

Tervehdys toverit, ja tervetuloa Nordfront Radion Nordic Frontier ohjelmaan!

On this glorious evening we are joined by Danish comrade Nat Danelaw and he brings with him two important topics that he imparts on us. He also joins in to pick a part what is left of the Swedish/Nordic social democratic welfare system.

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Very impressive march by the poles.

Domestic News:


  • We should all ask ourselves what we are getting out of paying all these taxes.

Record low unemployment among native Swedes.

More populist action out of the Moderates – wants to register ethnicity on sexual crimes.

Resistance News:

The Neo-cons are concerned about nationalists gathering on Russian social media site.

Kärrtorp radio documentary from P3.

Demo in Gothenburg:

Article with mixed videos.

Live feed.

Very good summary video.

NRM Celebrating Finlands 100 years of independence.

Talking about two topics with Nat:

  • Eco systems, such as our nation, is sensitive to invasive elements.
  • Social democracy – the nordic model. The absolute high point of society and the lens through which we now see history.


Reign – Hey, White Brother

Wice – Dream Rider

Listen to the episode: