Hjem Nasjonal kamp Media Nordic Frontier #44: The White Hatred

Nordic Frontier #44: The White Hatred

NORDIC FRONTIER Andreas and Johan take on the Domestic degeneracy in the first segment and Mike joins in the second for the Resistance news.

We start out with some thoughts on depression and pills.

Domestic News:

(((Ami Horowitz))) explaining to Tucker how Swedes love being a »Humanitarian super power»

Norwegians are homicidal.

Increased Unsafety:

Welfare scam of epic proportions.

Resistance News:

Activity in Västerås.

Gothenburg continued.

Martin the retarded Cuck:

The FOI report: The White Hatred

Comrades supporting der dritte weg in Wunsiedel.

Video from Germany.

Speech by Haakon Forwald.


Kicki Danielsson – At the border

Listen to the episode: