Hjem Nasjonal kamp Media Nordic Frontier #48: Season Two!

Nordic Frontier #48: Season Two!

NORDIC FRONTIER The #HateBoys make a glorious return for the new current year 2018.

We will be evaluating the past year and the glorious leaps foward that #NordicNationalSocialism took in 2017.

Domestic News:

IQ levels mysteriously drop in the North.

Svt censuring the internet for the coming election.

New consent laws.

Fag-scandal – when high ranking Homosexuals are accused of paedophilia.

Second Segment:

Reflections on National Socialism

Resistance News:

Further success of NTV.

Resistance Men denied access to public property.

Simon Lindberg on trial for Hate speech.

Resistance men protest Jew rally.

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