Hjem Nyheter Offisiell uttalelse fra National Action

Offisiell uttalelse fra National Action

STORBRITANNIA Frihetskamp gjengir en offisiell uttalelse fra britiske National Acion, som nylig ble terrorstemplet i England.


Som Frihetskamp omtalte i artikkelen «Storbritannia innfører ny definisjon av antisemittisme» så har britiske myndigheter vedtatt å terrorstemple og forby nasjonalistgruppen National Action.

Vi vil i den sammenheng gjengi en offisiell uttalelse fra organisasjonens grunnlegger, Benjamin Raymond, angående saken.

Uttalelsen er gjengitt på originalspråket, og kan leses nedenfor:

As of 13/12/2016, National Action ceased to exist as an organisation. This name is not a hill that any of us are willing to die on, there is so much more that all of us can give, and it is our duty as individuals to continue fighting for the National Socialist idea.

Many media outlets have already suggested that the ban will be ineffective – ‘they will just change their name’ they say, which has worked well enough for the Muslims. However the greatest strength that was expressed in the spirit of National Action was it’s imperceptibility. Soon there will be much gloating, our response is a smirk, you would think that by now they would learn to stop underestimating us.

This struggle was always about much more than some ‘brand’, we are in a the great coming time, a time of great unity and coming-togetherness, and in order to build there had to be destruction, it was inevitable. This opportunity we have been given will be used to its fullest, no attempt will be made to ‘circumvent’ the law – it is time for bigger and better things.

What an incredible year this was, how much we changed – and this to end it. To be hated by a society that is so utterly sick is now our proudest badge of honour.

It is our intention where possible to offer a legal challenge to this outrageous decision. The clumsy ban on National Action was entirely unjust. Every point of this profane document is a deliberate distortion and malicious lie unworthy of lowest gutter press. In particular are the items relating to so called ‘advocacy of violence and terrorism’, these are crimes in the United Kingdom, yet in three years not a single individual has been charged with a crime relating to our political activism, let alone a terrorism related offence. All points would crumble under the most cursory Judicial review – we deny every single one of them.

Unlike most right wing organisations we shunned the use of violence, and took a hard stance on sedition – repeated statements on the website and the exceptional conduct of the group attest to that. This decision will be debated in the week but so far nobody has had the courage to criticise or challenge the final death knell of free speech in this country. Not a single ‘so-called’ free speech or civil liberties organisation ever approached us. National Action was the front line, the canary in the coal mine – all of you are next, and you will get no pity from us.

National Socialism will survive everything, we know oppression, we were formed in oppression – in a system where the right wing is subject to violence by the state and it’s leftist agents, only we could flourish. With the strength of belief we took the blows and adapted until we produced a corps of what are arguably the most dedicated political activists in Britain. The helotic masses are cowards until they are big enough in number and led by the brave few – such is the history of every revolution.

To our loyal friends, and admirers at home and overseas, who have given us so much love and support you have our deepest gratitude and respect. If you are in the US please back up and repost our videos, images, and articles so people will know what it is we built.

National Action is Dead, Long Live National Socialism!

Protocols as of 13/12/2016

In effect until such at time as the proscription against National Action is lifted

1. National Action never had a ‘membership’ system or claimed to have ‘members’ but for all intents and purposes National Action has been disbanded in full – there are no members, activists, spokespersons, or any other affiliates in the present tense. It is done.

2. We urge for calm and coolness in wake of this atrocity, our enemies do not deserve our anger.

3. In the United Kingdom, nobody is to display or distribute material that promotes the group, nobody is to identify or pledge allegiance to the group. Nobody is to ‘fund raise’ for the group. Anyone who breaks this protocol poses a risk to themselves.

Having consulted legal advice we must impress that the proscription is not retroactive – anything that may have been posted to the internet in the past or whatever will not legally affect you. It is possible that the British Government will target social media accounts.

It is also not illegal to privately possess any paraphernalia or electronic materials relating to the group.