Hjem Nasjonal kamp Simon Lindberg’s Speech to the Nation

Simon Lindberg’s Speech to the Nation

SPEECH Simon Lindberg’s Speech to the Nation – now available with English subtitles.


In this video, the Leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement Simon Lindberg presents his vision for Sweden from the Resistance’s stronghold in Dalarna.

The video was made in response to the «Speech to the Nation: My Sweden 2028» series recently aired by state broadcaster SVT, in which the leaders of Sweden’s parliamentary parties spoke about their visions for the country ten years from now.

In his speech Simon explains how the Nordic Resistance Movement is a unique alternative that tackles the issues of mass immigration and repatriation with the seriousness they deserve. He goes on to detail the renaissance national socialism would bring to Sweden and how the country would look under a Nordic Resistance Movement government.

Now the speech is available with English subtitles.