Hjem Stikkord Nordic Frontier

Stikkord: Nordic Frontier

Nordic Frontier intervjuer Alan Balogh fra NJP

Motstandsbevegelsens engelskspråklige podkast Nordic Frontier intervjuer Alan Balogh fra National Justice Party i USA.

Sekretæren for arabisk organisasjon erklærer rasekrig i Sverige

I et trollaktig Youtube-klipp går den arabiske sekretæren for «Nordiska avdelningen» ut med en åpen oppfordring om rasekrig i Sverige. Den revolterende sidens hovedfiende oppgis samtidig å være Sverigedemokraterna.

Nordic Frontier #111: Based British, Tom Goodrich and Paul English

This week we have an interview bonanza coming to you live from the Nordic forest. We invite Based British aka Christian Bell, Tom Goodrich and Paul English to talk about various pro-white projects that have been launched in recent times.

Nordic Frontier #110: Polish Israel

This week we ask the question: Are Jews good for Poland? And much, much more.

Andreas fra Nordic Frontier gjestet «The Public Space»

På søndag ble Andreas fra Nordic Frontier intervjuet av YouTube-profilen Jean-Francois Gariépy.

Nordic Frontier #109: First of May 2019 Edition

Tonight we talk First of May 2019 Edition and we invite man from Pastaland for an exotic take on Nordic National Socialist rallies.

Nordic Frontier #108: The Lead Episode

We celebrate the big man in style, discuss the lead content of Irish journalist and get jacked for 1 of May demonstrations.

Nordic Frontier #107: Grandpa Lampshade

Tonight we talk to national socialist podcaster Grandpa Lampshade about life, ideology and the future.

Nordic Frontier #106: Transtrains and Danish march

National socialists have been marching in Denmark, while the Swedish healthcare is busy turning their girls into boys. Tune in to hear more!

Nordic Frontier #105: A Nordic Voice

Tonight Andreas and Johan shoot the breeze about the latest degeneracy. They also invite Max from the Nordic Voice to have a chat about the new show.