Hjem Stikkord Nordic Frontier

Stikkord: Nordic Frontier

Nordic Frontier #18

Mike returns to Nordic Frontier after a two week hiatus and the hosts discuss the reflections and the aftermath of the first of May march. They also cover the free fall collapse of the Nordic model.

Nordic Frontier #17

The Nordic Frontier crew returns from a glorious march in the sign of the Nordic worker and community of the Nordic people. They sit down and share a walkthrough of the event and also discuss some scattered domestic news.

Nordic Frontier #15

George from the Golden Dawn New York chapter joins us this week for a riveting conversation dealing with racial awareness, self hating Europeans and the future in store for us whites. We also dig into some news bits and black pills.

Nordic Frontier #14

This week we discuss the Stockholm attack, the Marxist brainwashing of our children and the all-time low trust in established media. We also enjoy a conversation with Karl Zorn in the second segment.

Nordic Frontier #12

This week we give you an episode packed with news of the Nordic Nation, we get into a conversation about the Million Program and give the listeners a little treat at the end.

Nordic Frontier #11

In this week's episode of the Nordic Frontier the hosts discuss what it takes to be an activist in the Nordic Resistance Movement. They also discuss news and recent activities regarding the Movement.