Hjem Stikkord Nordic Frontier

Stikkord: Nordic Frontier

Nordic Frontier #105: A Nordic Voice

Tonight Andreas and Johan shoot the breeze about the latest degeneracy. They also invite Max from the Nordic Voice to have a chat about the new show.

Nordic Frontier #104: Secret police and NATO

Tonight we get the fresh scoop straight from the source, secret Nazi agent Simon Holmqvist has been tracking down NATO troops deep within the Nordic forests.

Nordic Frontier #103: Greta for prez and Juden exposed!

This week Mike is back from his excavations and the guys are having a gay old time.

Nordic Frontier #101: Climate Panic and the Coin Square

Andreas and Johan revel in the decay of the modern world tonight and we also invite activist Julius Blomberg.

Nordic Frontier #101: Activism revisited

This week we learn about integrating into our new and exciting Sweden and we invite activist Oscar Bergström to talk about activism.

Nordic Frontier #100: Black Pills

We celebrate 100 episodes by feeding you a fist-full of Black Pills.

Nordic Frontier #99: Codreanu

Tonight we discuss if the original Swedes actually were blue eyed Somalees after all and we also invite Martin Saxlind to talk about Corneliu Codreanu.

Nordic Frontier #98: Jewish Influence – Good for the Nords?

We present the dysfunctional Centre-Right-Left government of Sweden and talk Jewish influence with Nordfront-writer Marcus Hansson.

Nordic Frontier #97: Chris Cantwell

The Crew is back with a bang and special guest, Chris Cantwell from Radical Agenda will be joining us.

Nordic Frontier #96: Putting on the Yellow Vest

Tonight we are putting on our Yellow Vests with fellow comrade Johan Persson.